We are in e-commerce or e-commerce medicines. We provide electronic payment methods to our customers. These payment methods help reduce red tape, transaction costs and labour costs.

Our website ru486pill.com provides various payment methods such as:

1. Western Union/Money Gram

2. Skrill

3. PayPal

4. e- Checks.

5. Bank transfer

6. Credit/debit card

Western Union

This installation is only available to all customers in the world. Western Union is a financial or economic company located in the United States/Europe and the rest of the world.

E - Checks

In this method of payment, payment is made over the Internet which is intended to make the similar function as a normal paper check. These cheques are available electronically. The processing of these cheques is safer than the usual paper cheques.


PayPal/Skrill is the fastest and safest way to send money, make a payment online, receive money or create a merchant account. We will send you a payment link or a PayPal id, you can send money directly to the given PayPal account.

Bank transfer

We will provide your bank account number, SWIFT CODE, IFSC code and bank name for the processing of this bank transfer.

Benefits of electronic cheques for our customers:

1. No paperwork is required.

2. This saves time.

3. No need to go to the post office.

4. Prevent fraudulent payments from being made.

5. Easily identifiable due to unique cheque numbers.

6. Provide full details of the transaction.

7. Highly secure.

Three steps involved in processing the electronic cheque

1. Authorization

2. Treatment

3. Conformation


In this step, the customer provides complete information to process the transaction by mail, phone or message. The Customer must provide all details such as:

1. Bank routing number.

2. Name of account holder.

3. Bank account number.


This processing of this step is done with the help of the ACH network, and the money is transferred from one account to another account.


When the transaction is made our customers will be automatically notified. They can check all the details of their account.

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