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        Missed your contraceptive take your next option with Cheap Plan-B One Step Online

        Plan -B is an oral contraceptive or a morning after pill which is taken after an unprotected sex. This is also famously known as a morning-after pill as this pill is taken the next morning after having an unprotected sex. There is no hard and fast rule to take this pill the next morning but you can immediately take it after an unprotected sex. In fact, it works better if it is taken immediately after having unprotected sex. This is a single pill which is taken after your sex and you just need to take one pill in the 24 hours irrespective of the number of times you involve in erotic activity. You need not take this pill regularly as this is only taken after you had an orgasm.


        What are the contains of this pill and how does it function?

        This pill contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel, which is also present in lower doses in birth control pills. Levonorgestrel is a progestin hormone that works by inhibiting the release of an egg (ovulation) during the menstrual cycle of a woman. This also works by making the fluid of the vagina thicker so that the sperms do not reach the egg and this also alters the uterus lining so that the fertilized egg does not get implanted.

        This pill doesn’t terminate pregnancy hence this is different from the abortion pills. This also does not protect against any STD (sexually transmitted diseases) or HIV (AIDS). This pill has few lacking as it doesn’t work on women who are overweight or if some other medications have been used in the past.

        What is the pill ingestion process?

        You have to ingest these pills orally which can be taken with or without food as early as possible after having an unprotected sex or within 72 hours. You should not flush out the pill within 2 hours of taking the pill as the contraceptive may fail to work on the body. If you flush out the pill within 24 hours then you need to immediately visit the doctor to know whether you can take one more pill or not.

        What is the efficacy rate of this pill?

        This pill if taken within 72 hours of having an unprotected orgasm then this pill is 89% efficient. The name is plan B as this is the second plan of protection against pregnancy. The first is to take protection before having sex and if someone fails to achieve the first plan then they will take up the second plan or Plan-B to have a sex.

        This pill is not as effective as a birth control contraceptive and this cannot be considered as the main form of birth control.This plan B can be used as a backup this should not be used for regular use.

        When should plan B be taken?

        This pill should be taken if you have failed to take any contraceptive before having sex you forgot to take birth control pill for 3 days in a row, your partner did not take any protection or you have forgotten to insert your ring.

        This plan B pill will not protect against sex if it is taken before the commencement of sexual activity. It only works after the sex is done. It will not work if you have already taken some birth control measures.

        When should Plan-B not be taken?

        You should not take plan -B if you are above 165 pounds in weight, do not take it if you are pregnant or are suspecting to be pregnant, if you are allergic to levonorgestrel ingredient, if you have suffered from abnormal vaginal bleeding.

        What are the side-effects that can be faced after taking the Plan-B and what are the ways to tackle them?

        You may suffer from vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, headache, vomiting, feeling of nausea, tiredness, dizziness, you need to inform the doctor if any of your side-effects are persistent and are aggravating. These side-effects can be severe like severe lower stomach pain.You can also develop serious allergic reaction like rashes on the skin, trouble breathing, swelling of the face, throat, tongue. You can suffer severe dizziness or drowsiness.

        Remember these pills can be easily available over-the-counter as the side-effects of these pills are very rare and it is hardly reported but these side-effects are the extremities which hardly occur to anyone.

        What are the precautionary steps?

        If you are taking this pill then you should tell your doctor if you are allergic to the ingredient levonorgestrel or progestin (such as norethindrone). You should also inform your doctor about any other allergies that you may possess so that the doctor can easily detect any potential allergies that you may suffer from the inactive ingredients in the pill.

        You need to tell the doctor if you are suffering from the undetected vaginal bleeding.

        Before using this you need to tell your doctor about any herbal and non-herbal medication that you are taking and any prescribed or non-prescribed medicine that you are taking. Taking alcohol with this drug can make you feel dizzy hence you should not take alcohol or any drugs along with this pill. Report your doctor if you are taking marijuana before taking this contraceptive pill.

        What are the interactions of this drug?

        This drug can react with a few medications such as sleeping aids like modafinil all those drugs that are used to treat seizure or the drugs that are used to treat HIV (AIDS). The ingredients present in this drug do not seriously react with the above medications but its effect of the birth control pill will be higher and this will decrease the effect of the birth control pills.

        What would happen if you miss a dose or overdose yourself?

        There are no chances of overdosing this dose because only a single dose needs to be taken within 72 hours of having an unprotected sex. You should not miss a dose because this is in itself a second plan or back up, if you forget this then you may get pregnant and if this pill is taken after 72 hours then this pill will definitely not work.

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