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        Online cheap Ovral G – the best way to refrain from unplanned pregnancy

        Ovral G is a reversible and an effective contraceptive pill for a woman who wants to delay her first pregnancy or have a gap between her children. This pill is a 28-day pack that contains 21 hormonal pill and 7 placebo pills. Those women who wish to take the dosage regularly to maintain the regime of taking the pills regularly buy Ovral G online, first for its easy accessibility and 2nd for its convenience.


        What is the composition of Ovral G?

        This contraceptive pill has active ingredient as Ethinyl Estradiol in the strength of 0.05mg and Norgestrel with the strength of 0.50mg. These hormones are present only in the 21 pills that are colored white in color. The rest 7 placebo pills are pink in color that contains inert ingredients. Along with the active ingredients, the inactive ingredients present in each tablet are Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, and Polacralin Potassium.

        How to take the dosage of Ovral G?

        This medication has no off days. In the 28 day regime, it has to be taken every day where after 21 tablets the pink tablets will start.

        Those who are starting it for the first time should start taking it from the first day of the menstrual cycle, or on day 5 or first Sunday after the menstrual cycle begins and should continue taking it for 28 days. After 21 days the inert pills start for 7 days. So the next cycle should start exactly on the same day of the next month. During the ingestion of placebo pills, the person will face the menses within 3 days after finishing the 21 days hormonal pills.

        Problems faced with overdosage of Ovral L

        Any kind of overdosage can lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, breast tenderness, fatigue, or withdrawal bleeding.

        How to cover up the missed dosage?

        If you have missed one pill – In this case take the missed pill as soon as you remember, if needed you can take the missed dose as well as the prescribed dose that day.

        If you have missed 2 pills in a row – In this case take two pills at a time and then take one pill daily and after the 21 days pills finish dispose off the remaining pills and start a new pack the very next day. This month you may not have your menses. Meanwhile, you should take a non-hormonal birth control method.

        Mechanism of action of Ovral G

        The primary mechanism of this birth control contraceptive is to inhibit the process of ovulation. The secondary mechanism includes making the cervical mucus hostile so that it becomes difficult for the sperm to penetrate and migrate. When ovulation does not take place the eggs are not formed. Devoid of eggs fertilization does not take place. Moreover, because of the thickened mucus, the sperms find it difficult to swim through.

        What are the contraindications of Ovral G

        • Any past history of thromboembolic disorder or thrombophlebitis.
        • History of cerebrovascular disorders.
        • Have suffered from or is suffering from myocardial infarction or coronary arterial disease.
        • Suffering from thrombosis.
        • Genetic or has developed a problem of thrombophilias.
        • Suffering from focal neurological symptoms.
        •  Doubtful or is suffering from carcinoma of the breast.
        •  Undiagnosed abnormal bleeding of the vagina.
        •  The problem of uncontrolled hypertension.
        •  Diabetes mellitus.


        What are the warnings and precautionary steps?

        • It is necessary for you to know that these contraceptives do not protect against HIV aids or any sexually transmitted disease.
        • Cigarette smoking alters the effects of the birth control pills, it affects the heart and the blood vessels and the risks increases when the age of the women exceeds 35 years.
        • This is not a medication for women who have had their menopause.

        You need to discontinue the use of this contraceptive pill if suffering from

        • Thromboembolic and cardiovascular disease.
        • If you have had partial or complete loss of vision then you should discontinue the use.
        • Suffering from a severe headache, worsening of a migraine.
        • A considerable increase in epileptic seizures.

        What are the side-effects faced with ovral G?

        The adverse reactions have only been diagnosed if multiple hormonal contraceptive pills are taken. Some severe situations are

        • Arterial thromboembolism.
        • Chances of breast cancer or hepatic tumors (benign).
        • Cerebral hemorrhage  or thrombosis.
        • Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or cervical cancer.
        • Hepatocellular carcinomas.
        • Hypertension that can lead to heart attack.
        • Inflammatory bowel disease.
        • Mesenteric thrombosis or Myocardial infarction.
        • Neuro-ocular lesions (e.g. retinal thrombosis).

        Reports on clinical trials of Ovral G

        A detailed study with precision has been done on women who were likely to get pregnant in a year. The efficacy if this pill is seen that if the tablets are taken according to the correct regime then the chances of getting pregnant is 0.48 per 100 woman years in case of pearl index.

        In case of a total 1084 women, 61.5% of proven fertile women have completed 8186 cycles over 23 months, 624 women had completed 6 cycles, 283 women completed 12 cycles, 68 had completed 18 cycles and 6 women competed for 23 cycles

        If regularly this contraceptive is taken then it also keeps a proper cyclic pattern with the menstrual cycle. This ovral G also had various health benefits, it helped in preventing future ectopic pregnancy, it helped in keeping the cycle of ovulation so that woman can easily trace their fertile pregnancy days.

        What are the concerns about not having periods?

        You will rarely miss your periods if you have taken the contraceptive pill according to the correct protocols but if you have missed a pill there are chances of your getting pregnant in such a case you need to get consult the doctor before starting with the next dosage of contraceptive pills.

        You will have to wait for the entire pill pack to finish to see whether you are having your periods or not. Normally you have your periods within the 7 days of taking the placebo pills. There are likely charges that you are pregnant if you did not have your periods.

        2 reviews for BUY OVRAL G USA

        1. Gina

          GOOD PRODUCT
          Tablets just works as it is described, good product

        2. Gabriel

          Ovral G tablets are beneficial and works fine for me. Ladies go for it without any worries

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